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Our Mission

To onboard the next generation of digital asset investors

What is Fig?

Fig is a digital assets investing platform that offers principal-hedged structured notes on crypto assets such as Bitcoin or Ether.

Who made Fig?

Fig is made by Volatility Labs Inc., a Canadian 🍁 corporation with offices in Vancouver BC and Edmonton, AB. We specialize in quantitative crypto derivatives modeling & trading.

Please note that although we intend to be regulated, Volatility Labs Inc. currently is not a regulated entity in any jurisdiction. There is no indication or implication that Volatility Labs Inc. and or Fig platform will be regulated in the future.

What makes Fig different?

AttributesFig FinanceCrypto Option VaultsFinancial Institutions
High product variety✖️
Algorithmic process✖️✖️
Aggregated liquidity✖️
Real time pricing✖️✖️
Easy to use✖️✖️
100% principal hedged by default✖️✖️

What are the benefits of Fig's notes?

Benefits of Fig's notes:

  1. Easy - Notes provide synethic exposure to the underlying asset without directly owning the asset. You buy a note with US dollars and don't have to worry about custody, private key, or wallets.
  2. Hedged - Notes are engineered to hedge full principal amount regardless of how the underlying asset price moves. Notes promise the repayment of principal at a minimum upon maturity.
  3. Custom - Up, down, or sideways - whatever your market view or portfolio requirements are, Fig's platform helps you customize a note specifically to meet your investment goals

What are the type of notes that Fig currently offers?

We currently offer the following structured notes:

  • Structured Note - Upside Capture
  • Structured Note - Downside Capture
  • Structured Note - Yield Capture
  • Structured Note - Volatility Capture

More products are rolled out on an on-going basis.

How can I get started to using Fig?

To get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Request demo & schedule an on-boarding call with us
  3. After account is created, create a custom structured product by using our step-by-step guide

After browsing, you can keep track of your notes via watchlist or buy it after funding your account.

To get help on buying a note, please contact us.

What are the structured products?

Structured products (notes) are pre-packaged investments that offer risk-controlled exposure to an asset such as Bitcoin. In traditional finance, structured products are typically purchased by investors looking for exposure or yield to an asset but with controlled risk. Examples of structured products include principal protection notes, dual currency notes, participation notes.

Digital assets structured products are similar. The difference is that blockchain technology allows for faster and cheaper spot and derivatives integration which results in more product variety, higher maximum return, and better price execution.

What assets do Fig support for its notes?

Currently we support:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum (POS)

Fig plan to support the following assets in upcoming releases:

  • Equities
  • ETFs,
  • Forex pairs

How is principal hedged for the notes?

All notes offered through Fig are by default 100% principal hedged. This means at minimum, upon note's maturity, a note promises to return the investor the principal.

Fig's structuring models and algorithms combines a risk-free fixed-income instrument, US Treasury, with a set of financial derivatives positions. By combining these different instruments together, the final payoff of the note will always equal to principal at minimum. Various financial engineering & replication techniques are used to construct and test the strategies for robustness.


For transparency, Fig offer noteholders tools to verify the validity of the principal hedge by displaying the Instruments required to structure of each note on the note's specifications page.

One can map the payoff structure of each instrument atomicly and sum the individual payoffs to arrive at the note payoff upon maturity. This will always sum to max(principal, principal + variableReturn)

Besides notes, what other products does Fig plan to offer?

Fig plans to offer the following in upcoming releases:

  • Structured strategies on forex, equities, ETFs
  • Direct indexing solutions on major traditional & digital indexes

We aim to be the go-to platform for custom investment solutions for everyone.

How can I buy a note?

To buy a note, you need to have an account on Fig that is KYCed and funded with US dollars - USD. There are two ways to fund your Fig account:

  1. USD wire payment to Volatility Labs Inc., or
  2. USD-C deposit via Ethereum or Solana blockchain through Volatility Labs Inc.'s Circle custody account.

Please see your portfolio page for instruments on deposits and withdrawal of your Fig account balance.

After a note has matured, how can I withdraw my USD?

You can withdraw your Fig account USD balance via the original method of funding. For example, if you have funded your Fig account using wire transfer, you will receive your withdrawal via wire.

To initiate a withdrawal, please contact us

What are the costs to use Fig's platform?

Fig platform is free for users to use and explore.

Depending on the note you buy, Fig will charge a 0.05% one time product origination fee on the principal. If you decide to sell your note early back to Volatility Labs Inc., a one time early trading fee of 0.50% will apply on the net sales proceeds of the note. There are no other direct fees payable by the user of Fig. Please note that Fig does not guarantee secondary markets for the notes. Noteholders may not be able to sell the note for USD prior to the maturity date of the note.

What is the background of the team who made Fig?

We are a team of portfolio managers, financial and distributed systems engineers. Our area of expertise is rooted deep in risk management, engineering, and asset management. Our team is based in Canada 🍁 with offices in Vancouver, BC, and Edmonton, Alberta.

How can I purchase a note through Fig?

Please contact us.